"...the listening experience says far more than words can"

-- Fanfare




Louis Pelosi is a New York based composer dedicated to a tonal and contrapuntal style of composing.

This November Louis Pelosi will premiere his first six piano sonatas to be performed in Merkin Hall by Polish pianist Mateusz Borowiak in his American concert debut.

Pelosi’s compositions affirm the conviction that the most substantial music speaks a contrapuntal language, and there is an indistinguishable difference between the intellectual satisfaction and the emotive power. The crux of his compositions surrounds central tone, “one above all others as point of departure and destination, that most primitive and durable of sonic obsessions” (Pelosi, 2016). From 1997-2000 he created his first mature composition, String Quartet No. 1. In 2016 Pelosi published a CD with pianist Mateusz Borowiak entitled 13 Preludes and Fugues, With Epilogue. For Piano. The CD is dedicated to Pelosi’s late wife, and features his compositions written from 2000-2003. On this recording, Lynn René Bayley of Fanfare Magazine notes:

One could easily go on at considerable length, and in considerable detail, over the remarkable quality of this score, but in the end the listening experience says far more than words can. Pianist Mateusz Borowiak, so far as I can judge, is an intelligent and sensitive artist with a good feel for this music and its unusual style. As with the triptych reviewed above, I recommend this disc very highly.           
— Fanfare Magazine, 2016

Louis Pelosi studied at the University of Notre Dame, the Hartt College of Music with Arnold Franchetti, and the Manhattan School of Music with Charles Wuorinen. His works were performed at Merkin Hall in 1986, 1997, and 2004 involving various assemblages of solo and chamber musicians.