January 10, 2021

New Release of Catalan Art Songs of the 20th and 21st Centuries by Isaí Jess Muñoz


"A few times over the course of the year, our esteemed publisher sends me a recording that offers the happy marriage of first-rate repertoire I have not previously heard, and marvelously performed by artists who are also new to me. Bridge’s Visca L’Amor is such a recording.

How fortunate then, that the performing artists are as exemplary as the repertoire they interpret. Isaí Jess Muñoz is a lyric tenor with a warm and attractive voice, one that features a lovely, focused vibrato that would be equally at home in Italian, French, Spanish, and yes, Catalan repertoire. The voice is secure throughout the registers, never losing its focus or tonal beauty. He sings the featured repertoire with keen attention to the music and text, enhanced by a rich dynamic and tonal palette.

Pianist Oksana Glouchko plays with incisiveness, rich tone, and a notable sense of collaboration with Muñoz. The piano writing at times calls upon Glouchko to play with considerable force. But even in such instances, the balance between voice and keyboard remains ideal.

- 5 stars -Ken Meltzer, March/April 2021


"This present disc certainly does Catalan music a great service and can be unhesitatingly recommended. Fine presentation and a perfect recording in which the voice and piano are placed in ideal relation to each other rounds off a most notable release.”

- 5 stars -Colin Clarke


"A lovely recital and a cultural milestone." -Huntley Dent